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The Real Potential
Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

On strategy development and unlocking potential it has helped me build high performance teams boosting the value contribution to the businesses we serve. The speaker's high energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Pieter Louwette, Vice President, EMEA at Johnson & Johnson

Enlightening. Instead of telling us about a place he knew all about, he created a bridge for us to go and explore ourselves & showed us also how to be a bridge for others

Chris Packwood, Director Airfreight, Activair Ltd

Transformational training from the master himself. The team sat captivated imagining their success. They are now achieving it.

Paul de Caumont, Managing Director, Aerospatiale, UK

Had a real answer for all issues not just lip service. Really worthwhile course, for everyone in our organisation.

Ger Twomey, QBE Insurance

The entire process was demystified but not dumbed down. Sanjeev has worked at the coalface of business for many years and teaches from a deep understanding of the business process and pshyce.

Dr. Gary Coulton, Director St. George's Medical Biomics Centre