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Training for us is a means not an end – ‘it’ is not so much in the text books as it is in the field of real business and customers. All models, approaches and frameworks we use are doggedly focused on pure application, application, application. All examples are taken from real life and applied to your own business there and then.

Our speakers are practitioners – successful corporate directors / entrepreneurs with a talent for bringing out the best in people before becoming excellent trainers.

No middle men – promise. We are not a training marketing company and are owned by our speakers which means that it is the real trainers you deal with not a sales team, middle-men or promoters.

We take a holistic approach on business as our trainers have expertise across all main business functions.

Most trainers today are functional experts – finance is taught by accountants; leadership by industrial psychologists etc.  They don’t  understand the full context of the people they are training or their businesses – We do!  E.g. a marketing manager on a leadership programme can only make a success of it if the trainer can frame the leadership in a marketing context. We do!
To build the right programme for you or discuss your training needs you will speak to a senior trainer – not a sales person.