The Programme
The Programme - Day 1
The Programme - Day 2

Key Topics
Winning the confidence of our audiences
The first wow! - bringing out our natural best
Grasping the techniques of excellent presentations
Internalising the techniques - making it work in practice
Managing objections & questions
Turning it into reflex - generating the best results from the audience

Main Content
  • Lifting our personal barriers to our success
  • What gets in the way of even more success with audiences
  • Where do these barriers come from
  • How can we remove them
  • Understanding the real sources of anxiety
  • Repositioning our mind with strength on speaking
    and presenting
  • Communications at its best
  • – main principles, tools and techniques
  • Capturing the interest of audiences
  • Stimulating their imagination – delivering to their end gain
  • Emotional intelligence – combining our logic with
    powerful emotions
  • Managing our limitless potential – EQ
  • Winning hearts and minds
  • Getting out of old habits which may hold us back
  • Managing content
  • Tailoring it for results
  • Convincing myself / convincing others
  • Structure of the material – how much / how little
  • Managing the presentation media
  • Using media efficiently – Powerpoint, OHPs, Flipcharts, samples…
  • Media serves us – not the other way round
  • Structure
  • Designing and building the presentation
  • Managing myself – the presenter
  • Building / enhancing self image and confidence
  • Convincing / influencing
  • Making my passion and enthusiasm speak through body
    and voice
  • Smashing anxiety – understanding it and taking charge
  • Understanding and using our conscious and
    sub-conscious faculties
  • Managing the audience
  • Participation and interactivity
  • Understanding the audience – being interested
  • Winning the confidence of the audience
  • Dealing with difficult attitudes
  • Handling customer objections and questions constructively
  • Remaining confident in face of audience objections
    and questions
  • Inspiring confidence and trust
  • Understanding types of and reasons for objections
  • Getting to the real problem and providing solutions
  • Inciting answers from the audience
  • Bringing answers with affirmation and confidence
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Honest and constructive feedback to build success

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The Fast Lane MBA, in a Week
Leading People to Success
Powerful Sales Generation
Presenting with High Personal Impact!
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